Keeping it simple

We can design your website for you. See our design service page.

We offer one website solution which we call Site Builder.

Site Builder is ideal should you wish an easy drag-and-drop experience where you can build and manage your own website. You can use your own Gmail etc. to receive contact form messages.

Only £96 per year (equivalent £8 per month).

Option: email

Site Builder offers email as an option.

Only £12 per year per email address (equivalent £1 per month).

Option: Content Package

The standard Site Builder fee assumes that you will be managing content yourself, e.g. changing your own text and images. However, you can upgrade to a Content Package should you wish Prestige Host to make content changes for you; simply supply the words and any images* and we will update your website for you.

* free stock images can be suggested if you do not have your own.

Choose the Content Package option with your annual Site Builder subscription.

Only £12 per year (equivalent £1 per month).

1st year free when you purchase our design service.

What's included

Any content revisions, words or images, to your existing pages as you instruct during your current subscription.

How it works

Submit a support request in the the normal way and attach any text document and/or images you wish to add/replace in any of your existing pages. We will make the changes, ensure that everything looks great in both desktop and mobile versions, and ask Google to recrawl your site to pick up any changes.

Not included

Excludes new content sections, new pages or redesign. We will provide a quote.

Changes without a Content Package

We charge £10 per content change request.  Revisions for any single page equals one change request. 

To discuss Site Builder and available options then get in touch We promise a quote that won't break the bank.

Hugh Glackin

Client since 2013

Hugh Glackin Driver Tuition

I can’t thank you enough for my website, it’s been a marvelous success and a terrific source of new business.