Answers to questions you might have

  • About Prestige Host

    We launched our web design service in 2010 and added a hosting service in 2013.

    With a reputation among our clients for providing a first class, friendly, and affordable service,

    clients love that we go the extra mile.

  • Fees

    A client account will be set up for you which will enable you to try Prestige Host free and without commitment for 1 month (30 days).


    Tell us should you wish to continue with your Prestige Host website at the end of your your trial period. We will then invoice you the first annual subscription fee, then every year thereafter that you choose to continue. Otherwise, you can simply walk away at the end of the trial and your account will be cancelled with nothing to pay.


    Our stated aim is to keep prices premanently low. We may have to increase our prices in future but will do so only if we must.


    We feel it important to point out that Prestige Host neither holds bank or credit card details nor do we automatically renew subscriptions. We will invoice you annually until you cancel the service. So you are in total control of your money.


  • Domain

    You do not need your own domain name (business website address) in order to enjoy your free trial.

    However, you will need one should you wish to keep your website when your trial ends.


    You can purchase a domain for less than £10 per year from one of many domain registration companies available.


    Prestige Host can provide you with domain name suggestions and a visual, step-by-step guide to help you complete your purchase.


    The domain is yours, and you will be responsible for the purchase and renewal fees.


    You can assign a domain which you already own to your Prestige Host website.

  • Email

    Both Site Builder and WordPress offer domain email as an option e.g. contact@example.com

    If you prefer to use Gmail, Hotmail etc for email then contact form messages can be send to any email address of your choice.

  • Hosting

    Prestige Host websites are super fast, secure and reliable. A free SSL certificate (https) is included.

  • Support

    To help you get the most of your website, you will have access to lots of ‘how-to’ videos plus an extensive knowledge-base of help topics.


    Should you need assistance then we are here for you.

    Support is carried out via email. To request support then complete this simple fom.

    No calls centres or frustrating support bots to negotiate. Only first class, personal support.

  • Terms of Service

    A full written quotation will be supplied for the service you are interested in with Terms of Service attached.

  • Your Website

    Our Prestige Host website service is designed to enable you to have a professional internet presence simply and quickly.  You are in full control of the look and content of your website. Add as many pages as you wish.


    Request details should you be interested in our custom design or website review service.

  • Is The Website Builder Any Good?

    We figure that the best way to demonstrate whether or not the product is any good is to use it ourselves.


    Our website has been created using the exact same builder as we are offering to you. So judge for yourself if it is any good or not.


    Remember, we offer a free trial with no commitment or payment card details required. So, why not try it for yourself. Simply get in touch using the contact form below and we will get you started.

  • Have We Omitted To Mention Something?

    If there is a question that we have not covered then send us a message and we will endeavour to answer your request.