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If you fancy the idea of creating your own website then let me introduce a great new DIY solution with enhanced benefits.

Imagine you had the freedom to build your own website just like in the TV ads, but with free help and support from an experienced web designer. Here is a new DIY web presence builder with tons of features and easy to use.

Absolutely no coding or experience necessary

Meet AiDA. Should you choose Prestige Host, AiDA will be helping you to build your website. Here's AiDA in action.

Meet AiDA Your Website Genie

I'm Charlie and I have been designing and hosting professional business websites for over 15 years. I would like to introduce you to a new DIY website solution featuring AiDA and which provides enhanced features and support not provided by other DIY companies. Its best explained if I quickly take you through the process of building your own PRESTIGE website. As we go through it, I hope to show why choosing PRESTIGE offers you the best chance of building your own successful web presence.


A complete designer service is also available.

From domain purchase to design to published website - and beyond!

The 5 Essential Steps to Building your own website

website layout

Don't Panic!

Don't worry. This is really not complicated. Yes, it takes effort on your part but I explain each step in turn below and there a plenty of great tutorials and videos in your PRESTIGE client area. If you follow each step then you will end up with a great website.

Before you even start, you need to decide what it is you want to achieve. Usually, the purpose of your website will be to showcase your services or products. So you should put as much effort into building it as do your business.

When building your website there are five main steps you need to address:

  • Layout (the design elements that make up your web pages)
  • Your message (often referred to as Copy)
  • Images (to bring your website to life)
  • Your domain (the website address)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Should you read this and feel daunted by the task ahead then don't worry. PRESTIGE has got your back and I can help you get your website over the finish line.

Let's build something amazing

I'm ready when you are, so let's get building!

Step 1
Creating your layout


AiDA will revolutionise the way websites are built

Your website is your shop window and an attractive layout helps to sell your services or products. But this can be surprisingly difficult to get right and if you are not a web designer, how do you start?

A stunning website in less than 2 minutes!

AiDA is set to revolutionise the way websites are built.

Mobile Friendly

Google has stated that it will give preference to websites which work well in mobile devices. Your website layout will be mobile-friendly which means that it wll look great regardless of which type of device it is viewed on.


PRESTIGE is delighted to be able to offer cost-effective website hosting which includes AiDA. As soon as you become a PRESTIGE client, you will be able to use the power of AiDA to create a stunning website layout for your business with ease.

Step 2
Composing your Copy


So you have created an amazing website layout for your business in less than the time it takes to make a cup of tea. Now you need to put flesh on the bones and compose your copy.

Your copy is what you write in order to sell your services or products to potential clients.

Typically your copy will include:

  • Who you are: experience, qualifications, trade/professional memberships
  • Details of your services or products and pricing
  • Geographical areas you cover
  • Case studies (examples of your work)
  • Testimonials (client reviews)
  • How to contact you

As a PRESTIGE client, you will benefit from my professional oversight. Once you compose your copy, I will check that it covers key elements and will recommend improvements if necessary. I will also check grammar and spelling for you. All at no extra cost to you.

Step 3
Adding images and videos

Good, professional images and videos bring your website to life and help sell your services or products.

Where possible, actual images and videos of your business and your work are best for selling yourself. They must be good quality - sharp and well composed - otherwise, they can have the opposite effect and put people off.

If you don't have your own then you can select as many images and videos as you like from thousands available with your PRESTIGE website. All images and videos are royalty-free which means you can use them freely on your website.

By the way. All images on this website have been selected from the same free image library that will be available to you.

Step 4
Link your domain


You don't need a domain to have a PRESTIGE website. You can publish your website with our own Prestige Host address. For example:

However, it is preferrable to have your own domain. For example:

Having your own domain name has advantages:

  • creates a powerful business identity
  • Protects your brand
  • potential for business email addresses e.g.
  • adds credibility and builds trust
  • makes your website easier to find

There is lots of helpful documentation in your PRESTIGE client area including how to connect your own domain. However, I can do all the heavy lifting and connect your domain for you - at no extra cost.

Free SSL Certificate


An SSL certificate is included free with your PRESTIGE website. This means that your web address will begin with HTTPS rather than the more familiar HTTP.

This is important because it means that information sent by someone to the website is secure. e.g. submitting a contact form or shopping online. Google's Chrome browser now shows a warning against websites which do not have the added security of an SSL certificate. Many hosting companies charge an annual fee for this service but you get a free SSL certificate automatically with PRESTIGE.

Step 5
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Finally, the mysterious SEO.

Actually, not mysterious at all. In its simplest form, it means ensuring that your copy (remember Step 2?) contains enough information so that Google, Bing and other search engines can help people find you.

If you are a dog walker in Bearsden, Glasgow, then make sure you lead with a phrase like, 'I offer dog walking in Bearsden, Glasgow'. That way, should someone in Bearsden search for 'dog walkers near me' then they have a good chance of finding you.

Another SEO consideration is how your entry will appear in search engines.

You can add a page title and short description for search engines to use. Search engines will usually use your preferred title and description in their search results.

All Done!


Once you have completed all 5 steps then you are ready to go live! All that's left is to hit the button and publish your website.

Congratulations, you are now online!

To speed up indexing by the major search engines, you should share your website address in your social media accounts and follow the indexing guidelines published by Google and Bing - beyond the scope of this overview but you can search 'index my website on google' and 'index my website on bing' .

Lastly, to monitor how well your website is performing you can use the tool supplied with your PRESTIGE account or install Google Analytics.

Next, see what PRESTIGE can do for you.

Feature packed

Lots of reasons to choose PRESTIGE. Take the first step!

Relax. You're with Prestige!

PRESTIGE offers a complete DIY website hosting service. Packed with loads of features, PRESTIGE has everything you need to create and manage your professional business website - with the added bonus of personal web designer support.


Designer support

Over-your-shoulder advice

Search index submission

Optional designer service

Cloud Hosting



Built on Amazon Web Services

Page Builder

Simple to use


Pre-built page sections


Free Images & Videos

Royalty-free images and videos

Feature-packed image editor

Favorites folder


Illustrated tutorials

How-to videos

Support desk



Client dashboard

Link your own domain

Performance Analytics

Free SSL certificate (https)


per mailbox

Unlimited products


Details below

Request a free sample

Drop me a line stating the type of business you have and I will send you a sample created by AiDA.


If you decide that do-it-yourself is not for you, then I can offer my complete designer package, PRESTIGE+.

  • Customised website layout for your business
  • Copywriting service (content written for you)

  • Images from a commercial image library

  • FREE domain name for 1st year

  • Essential SEO

  • Search engine indexing
  • 1 month FREE!

Pricing Plans



* Billed quarterly £35.94
Cancel anytime

Build You Own Website

AiDA layout builder

Write your own Copy

Free Stock Images

Amazon Cloud hosting

Link your domain


Cancel anytime



* 4 payments of £74.94 billed quarterly
Reverts to £11.98/month after 12 months

Custom designed by PRESTIGE

AiDA layout builder

Copy crafted by PRESTIGE

Commercial Stock Images

Amazon Cloud hosting

Free domain


12 month's hosting + 1 month free

Request a free trial

Simply tell me about your business and I will arrange access to a trial account.

You can try out AiDA free for 7 days.

You must be over 18 and either starting or running your own business.

What my design clients said ...

Dan Soscia

I am delighted with the website you set up for my dog walking business you have dealt with this in a prompt and highly professional manner. I will be more than happy to highly recommend you to anyone looking to set up a website of their own.

Tracey Glackin

I got in touch with Charlie to set up a website for my new dog grooming business and couldn't be more delighted with the end product. Anyone considering a website should seriously consider Charlie as you won't be disappointed. Great value and great service.

Alan Scott

Our family-run cleaning company has used Charlie for over 10 years. This latest website matches our new branding perfectly.

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